2020 Yangtze River Cruise and Ferry Starting from 79 USD p.p.!

Map of Yangtze RiverYangtze River

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Victoria Cruises boosts Internet speed on China's Yangtze river

In response to passenger feedback on the speed of Internet access on its luxurious five-star sailings through China’s mist-shrouded Yangtze River, Victoria Cruises has increased Internet speeds and reliability via innovative 3G Wireless technology. In addition to boosting the Internet speed of its public computers near the Yangtze Club (pictured right), passengers traveling with their own laptops will now be able to rent Wireless 3G USB modems through which they can access the internet from most areas of the ship. “While some vacationers prefer to detach themselves from the stress of every day life and relax on our five-star vessels, the demanding nature of many occupations requires some to remain connected. These guests can now access their e-mail and other pertinent websites in a quick and efficient manner thanks to our new 3G Wireless capability,” said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruises. Guests sailing in one of Victoria Cruises’ new Executive Suites (only available on the Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna and Victoria Katarina) can access the Internet for free via computers in the VIP Lounge.